Register as designer

Designers/ Modellers/ Animators
  1. People who want to showcase their models:

  2. Register yourself as a "Designer" from the following link:

    1. Make sure you choose Designer from  "Select a Profile"

  3. Once you are registered your account will be approved within 24 Hours.

  4. Login to the website using your login id at the following link:

  5. Once logged in make sure to complete your profile at the following link:

    1. Make sure you update your profile properly

    2. Update "About your self" section properly this will give you better reach to your audience.

      1. You may want to add things like:

        1. Available for freelance work.

        2. Looking for modeling/animation opportunities etc.

        3. Available for training etc.

        4. Avoid giving out your email id/phone number/communication details etc to avoid spam. People will contact you via the website.

Adding Projects:
  1. Designers by default will be assigned "free membership"
  2. You are allowed to add up to 4 projects under free membership.
  3. To add a new project use the "Add new project" link from top menu.
    1. Make sure you have at least 3 Images ready, one as main project image and two other image for slider.
    2. It would be a good idea if you crop and resize your image before hand to the required dimensions and sizes.
    3. For "Main Project Image" follow the given guide lines
      1. Image dimensions used on site will be 1024x1024px it will be best if you scale your images before hand.
      2. Keep the file size less than 500KB.
      3. Use jpg/png format.
    4. For other images:
      1. Maximum 4 files are allowed.
      2. Max file size is 500 KB per file
      3. Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg.
      4. Images must be larger than 1024x1024 pixels. Images larger than 2048x2048 pixels will be resized.
        1. It will be best if you scale your images before hand.
    5. Fill details about the project properly.
    6. Select the Blender version used and the render engine used for the project. (You can mention details in the "project description" section)
    7. Select a license as per you requirement. (Click here to understand about license)
    8. Add categories and tags, type in a few keywords to select existing categories or tags.
      1. It is better to select existing category and tags this make your project to appear in more searches
      2. If no suitable tags or categories are available you can create you own by typing in new words.
    9. Specify an amount in INR for which you would like to trade you project for.